Supplier financing

Supplier financing allows clients to carry out significant acquisitions of facilities, supplies, and services. By adding available cash to cover such expenses, business owners can retain profitability without burdening the day-to-day operations or breaching line of credit limit, failing to pay suppliers, and more.
The financing is mostly provided by a one-time loan, taking into account the client’s financial records, revenue forecasts, and more. Supplier financing is realized after both parties have agreed to the deal’s terms in writing. It should be noted that the service incurs a fee.

Why suppliers financing?

This financing method provides several benefits for business owners:
  • Respecting obligations – with supplier financing, you have greater means to meet your obligations and pay suppliers on time, thereby achieving better terms for future deals.
  • Maintaining credit limit – supplier financing gives you enough room to avoid exceeding your line of credit limit, even in case of unexpected expenses.
  • Paying wages – supplier credit provides available cash on the spot, enabling you to pay wages at ease and securing stability for you and your team.
  • Achieving growth – supplier credit can also serve to cover one-time expenses required for the expansion of your business, therefore increasing profitability.

Peninsula’s Supplier financing

Peninsula is the leading provider of supplier financing for business in Israel. We offer our clients optimal financing terms, tailored for their particular needs and financial performance. Our service is quick, effective, simple, and flexible. We respect our clients’ privacy, and integrity and mutual respect are key to our approach.

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