Bridge loans

What is a bridge loan?
A bridge loan is given to borrowers against funds that are illiquid when the loan is provided, such as saving plans or pension funds. In addition, borrowers can receive a bridge loan by placing a lien against assets that they own (the loan’s value is up to 50% of the asset’s worth, as evaluated by an appraiser). The immediate injection of capital “bridges” the gap between current expenses and future income.

Uses of bridge loans

Bridge loans serve business owners who need to boost their cash flow, in a quick financing process. Bridge loans are frequently used for buying real estate or covering considerable one-time costs, although in some cases they can help in keeping the business afloat.

Need to accelerate success?

Peninsula is the leading non-bank lender providing bridge loans to businesses in Israel. We provide loans starting at NIS 1 million and ranging up to NIS 10 million, payable within 6-12 months. The service incurs additional costs of interest rate and fees. Our service is quick, effective, simple, and flexible. We respect our clients’ privacy, and integrity and mutual respect are key to our approach.

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If your annual turnover is up to ₪ 1 billion, we can help your business grow.