Import financing

Financing is crucial for any business aiming to expand its scope and grow, but not all enterprises are willing or able to rely on the banking system to obtain additional funds. That is why we at Peninsula offer a host of credit solutions.

A vital edge for expansion

As part of our commitment to creating the best conditions for our clients' growth, Peninsula is offering specific lines of credit for acquiring imported supplies or services, with the financing of between NIS 300K to NIS 10 million. This allows you to increase your business activity without additional collateral or pledges. Given the ample available cash it provides, the Import financing can be leveraged in your negotiation with suppliers or used to offer your own clients better credit terms. Additional lines of credit allow greater flexibility, and greater room for you to make creative decisions. In a competitive business environment, having such an edge is vital for standing out in the crowd, establishing the trust of international suppliers, and much more.

Why import financing at Peninsula?

It is quick – issuance within 10 business days. It is simple – we meet to get to know you at your business. It is transparent – no handling, credit allocation, or establishment fees.

Let’s talk

If your annual turnover is up to ₪ 1 billion, we can help your business grow.