Peninsula, of the Meitav Dash Group, provides credit to businesses in Israel.

Against the background of the tremendous economic momentum enjoyed by the State of Israel over the past decade – there has also been a dramatic increase in demand for fast commercial credit outside the banking system. Since our founding Peninsula has provided to its thousands of customers close to NIS 20 billion in commercial credit.

Who are our customers? Our clients are amazing businesses, with an annual turnover of up to NIS 1 billion who just want someone to recognize their passion. We believe that credit starts with people and that there is no substitute for an immediate meeting and intimate acquaintance with the business owner and his vision.

Thanks to hard work, perseverance, creativity, and determination, Peninsula’s financial base is the strongest in the non-bank credit industry in Israel. We are rated A by both S&P and Moodys. All this, along with a deep understanding of the unique financial needs of each business and an in-depth familiarity with the local market, allow us to tailor a bespoke credit facility for any purpose.

Our values

Mutual Respect

A few words from me to you

Dear business owner,

I am looking back at my beginning in the business world and remember the difficulties, the obstacles, the challenges. But also the inner hunger and immense energy to pave the way for success. If there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that every business needs someone to recognize them – the investment, diligence, talent and the big heart that are there at work 24/7.

But I also well remember the long meetings at the bank, the exhausting bureaucracy and unnecessary forms – and that is exactly why I am here to see you at eye level and push forward. Because we are “not a bank”. We are here to help your business grow and grow, as we have done for thousands of amazing businesses along the way.

We at Peninsula have great faith in the Israeli spirit, in blue and white entrepreneurship, in industry and in construction. Keep this in mind: Over the years, I’ve met with hundreds of business owners, and have learned that good businesses start with good communication – interpersonal communication based primarily on availability, responsiveness, an open mind and mutual respect.

If you choose Peninsula as your business partner, rest assured that I will be personally available, at any time and about any issue. I have been fortunate to provide credit to thousands of good businesses in Israel and to personally be part of their growth. I will be happy to accompany you too, all the way to your business success.

My name is Micah Avni, CEO and Founder of Peninsula, and I invite you to view me as a true partner.

Applying for credit

Dear business owner, if your annual turnover is up to 1 billion NIS, we can help your business grow. Please contact us.

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