Mergers and acquisitions

One of the most common ways for firms to accelerate their growth is a merger and acquisition deal, in which the acquirer receives a stake in the acquired firm, normally changing the firm’s ownership structure. M&As are complex and varied financial transactions, and there are several ways to conduct them, such as mergers, acquisitions, tender offers, and more. The major difference between M&A types is the level of independence of the acquired company. Whereas a proper merger implies a consolidation of the acquired company into the acquiring group’s operations, an acquisition deal is normally limited to transfer of ownership, without affecting the acquired firm’s operations. Either way, M&As may involve legal challenges, concerning financing, disputes between shareowners, or regulatory approvals. When undergoing such a process, it is paramount to safeguard the acquired firm’s ability to repay and meet obligations to creditors.

M&As at Peninsula

One of the services we offer to clients to foster their business growth is financing dedicated to M&As deals, namely a Leveraged Buyout. Our service is quick, effective, simple, and flexible. We respect our clients’ privacy, and integrity and mutual respect are key to our approach.

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