Clearing cheques

Commercial checks are common in the Israeli business landscape, often creating challenges for business owners who face immediate obligations. Peninsula’s solution is straightforward: clearing your post-dated cheques into wire transfers, cashier checks, or cash.
The availability of funds allows you greater flexibility, in managing the day-to-day operations as well as in covering unexpected expenses. Increased cashflows put you in a better position to make better deals, with cash discounts that usually exceed the fee paid for the clearing.

Why Peninsula

Our service provides various benefits for business owners.
  • Competitive cost: our interest rates are considerably lower than the market standard.
  • Expertise: the vast experience and high credibility Peninsula’s teams enjoy in the market gives you much-needed peace of mind, securing a quick, professional, and frictionless service.
  • Flexibility: we take pride in offering diverse programs tailored to your needs, where you can decide the extent and timing of clearing, ranging from NIS 100K to NIS 5 million.

Let’s talk

If your annual turnover is up to ₪ 1 billion, we can help your business grow.