A loan is a deal in which one party (the “borrower”) borrows funds from another (the “lender”), at agreed deal terms. Those terms include the time and means of repayment, as well as the loan’s price, that is its interest rate.

As part of our core mission is to help businesses to grow at their own pace, we offer three types of loans.
  • Short-term loans are given, as the name suggests, for shorter periods, and should be repaid within a year (or less). They also incur a higher interest rate than standard loans.
  • Medium-term loans are provided for a period ranging from a few months to several years and can serve various needs. Medium-term loans bear a fixed interest rate.
  • Long-term loans can be repaid after decades. Such deals allow business owners to carry out significant long-term acquisitions, normally of land, real estate, offices, or other facilities.

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Peninsula's team helps clients to make sure they receive the best possible loan, given their financial records. Our service is quick, effective, simple, and flexible. We respect our clients’ privacy, and integrity and mutual respect are key to our approach.

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